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Media hoax that Germans were behind riots on New Year


All of Germany is debating the immigrant riots in Berlin on New Year’s, where half the city was destroyed. According to German media, there were at least “45 Germans” among the suspects, but according to information to Junge Freiheit , in several cases it is about people with dual citizenship.


The police, who in Germany normally release the first names of suspects, this time are very secretive about the first names and refuse to tell Junge Freiheit the names of the perpetrators.


It was in Berlin that the New Year riots were at their most massive. 41 police officers were injured, some seriously, emergency vehicles were mercilessly attacked and even attacked with fire extinguishers.


145 people were arrested, but all are now at large.


It was also known that the 145 suspects were of 18 different nationalities. Including 27 Afghans, 21 Syrians and “45 Germans”.


Among the 45 “German” suspects were eleven people with dual citizenship. Among them Turks, Lebanese, Tunisians and Iraqis, according to Junge Freiheit.




                                   Nationalities of suspects with dual nationality Source: Police Berlin


                                   Nationalities of all suspects in Berlin Source: Police Berlin


Source:   EU Times

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