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Bus driver charged with murder for ‘deliberately’ crashing bus into Quebec daycare, killing two children


Two children were killed and six others hurt after a city bus drove into a daycare facility in Laval, Quebec, according to police.


The bus driver, identified as 51-year-old Pierre Ny St-Amand, ploughed into the daycare centre on Wednesday morning in what witnesses have described as a deliberate act.


He appeared in court from the hospital to be charged with two counts of first-degree murder, attempted murder, two counts of aggravated assault, and four counts of assault with a weapon causing bodily harm.


According to reports, he had worked for the Société de transport de Laval (STL) for about 10 years, had no previous criminal convictions and no known connection to the daycare.


“From what I saw, it wasn’t an accident,” local resident Hamdi Ben Chaabane told CBC News, adding that the bus appeared to be driving at approximately 30 or 40kph (18-25mph) when it hit the building.


He then described how the driver stepped out of the bus, removed all his clothing, and began screaming incoherently, forcing Mr Ben Chaabane and several other parents to subdue him before trying to rescue children who had been trapped under the bus.


Mr Ben Chaabane said the driver seemed as though he was "in another world."


"He opened the door. He took off all his clothes. He was totally naked," Mr Ben Chaabane said. "We don't know why he did that. We dove on him. We tried to subdue him."


Mr Ben Chaabane said the driver "didn't stop yelling" and "wasn't saying words."


"It was a nightmare," he said.




Stéphane Boyer, the town's mayor, said the bus driver has been with the busing service for a decade and had no prior incidents on record.


City busses do not normally drive near the daycare, which is set off on a quiet side road away from the main bus lines.



A city bus is shown next to a daycare centre in Laval, Que, Wednesday, February 8, 2023, where the driver crashed it into the building leaving two children dead. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Graham Hughes


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