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Germany: Green group calls for change of course in migration policy

In a “Memorandum for a different migration policy in Germany”, several politicians from the Green Party call for a change of direction. They are in favor of “mandatory residence zones” for migrants at the border. The mayor of Tübingen, Boris Palmer, is one of the authors.

A newly formed group within the Greens advocates a change of course in migration policy. The news magazine Der Spiegel reports on a paper by the group.

The most prominent member of the "Vert Realos", as these Greens call themselves, is the Mayor of Tübingen, Boris Palmer. According to "Spiegel", several dozen politicians have signed their seven-page "memorandum for a different migration policy in Germany", including the Bavarian district administrator Jens Marco Scherf and Rebecca Harms, former group leader in the EU Parliament.

There is a lack of a "concept for successful integration or the consistent return of refugees to their homeland as soon as this can be justified or they want it themselves," it says there. An immigration law for economic migrants is needed, but also “mandatory residence zones” for refugees both at the borders and outside the European Union. Asylum seekers without papers would have to be rejected or "remain in a state reception facility until their identity has been clarified". A right of residence presupposes that refugees “fit into the social order” and accept basic values ​​such as religious tolerance.

At the so-called refugee summit in the Federal Ministry of the Interior on Thursday in Berlin, the federal, state and local authorities had agreed on better coordination on the accommodation and care of migrants. However, there were no agreements about money from the federal government.

Source: Welt
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