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American Democracy

Written by John (the other John).

The very foundation of American Democracy is that elections must be fair, honest, and secure. Additionally, there is also an extreme power imbalance between the American governments (both the Federal government and the 50 State governments) over any one political candidate. That being said, it should not be the candidate who has the burden to prove systemic flaws in the electoral process for potential fraud, but rather it should be the governments who have the burden to prove with each election cycle that the systems in place for the electoral process are fair, and free of fraud or potential fraud.

Relevant to today, the government would dreadfully fail to prove by any credible legal standard that the systems in place for unsolicited mail-in ballots are free from fraud or potential fraud (absent the government having video footage within people’s homes to verify that:

1). the ballot was mailed to the correct person [ex., ballot mailed to college dormitory to student that has since moved elsewhere since the prior election, so somebody else in that named dormitory room number used that other person’s ballot], and

2). that each vote was made knowingly by that person [ex., somebody else completes the ballot for a senile senior citizen or somebody with mental illness who is unaware of what is going on], and

3). without any duress [person forced to vote a certain way], and

4). that ballot was properly delivered to the Election Office [radical child or grandchild throws out ballot of Conservative elder]).

But if you dare point out these security flaws, then you will be demonized as an agent of Russia (as if Russia has honest elections; if anything, these people want elections just like Russia that are completely fraudulent and rigged).

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