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When “Generation Z” Runs Our Nation

Written by John (the other John).

Much like the cycle of life, as the old depart (setting sun), the new take over (rising sun). So the natural course of events would be that Gen-Z will lead this nation in the future. However, Gen-Z is not satisfied with ruling in the future; instead, they want to rule over us now. As a reminder, Gen-Z’s personal lives and family lives are completely messed up, yet they want to tell us how to live our lives. Stated differently, they essentially are the least impressive people in society. All they do is complain, yet they produce nearly nothing for society. They despise us and the way we live our lives. Ironically, there is an inverse correlation between complaining and producing; we produce more and complain less, yet we are hated by them; they complain more and produce less, yet they want to rule us.

But are they capable of running our nation? If you ask them, they know it all; but do they? As a starting point, they are incapable of predicting the past (they think that our nation was found in 1619 [hence, they are historically illiterate]); they can’t even predict the present (they are unsure of their own gender [hence, they are scientifically illiterate]); and they most certainly cannot predict the future despite them thinking they can (they somehow claim to predict the climate 100 years from now, yet they were unable to predict that their University degree is in a bs major in which they cannot afford to pay back their student loans [hence, they are financially illiterate]).

The only thing that they learned at college is to make decisions over other people (just think Totalitarianism). So when these fools finally are the majority voters in this nation, then what!!

Photo: screenshot of "Generation of Idiots".
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