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Exit Poll Says Leftist Sir Keir Starmer Will be Britain’s New Prime Minister


Polls have closed in the UK General Election, and the nationwide exit poll says the Labour Party has won around 410 seats nationwide, replacing the Conservatives after 14 wasted years. Listen to Story


Sir Keir Starmer, a top lawyer who once served as the United Kingdom’s Director of Public Prosecutions and supposedly former hardline leftist radical, who claims to have changed his mind and reformed the Labour party he now leads into a mature and capable governing force, is going to be the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.


The Ipsos exit poll claims 410 seats for Labour — the second largest Labour majority ever, if it proves to be correct — and a crushing defeat to the Conservatives, collapsing from 365 seats won in 2019 to an estimated 131 today.


The Liberal Democrats are polled to have enjoyed strong growth to 61 seats. Nigel Farage’s Reform, if this exit poll is correct, have well and truly gained the beachhead they said they wanted with an estimated 13 seats — he will be very happy with this.


UPDATE 0400 — Reform UK’s Richard Tice wins seat in Parliament


Nigel Farage’s deputy leader Reform party chairman, Richard Tice won his seat in Boston and Skegness, becoming the fourth successful candidate so far, following Mr Farage in Clacton, former Tory MP Lee Anderson in Ashfield, and Rupert Lowe in Great Yarmouth.


UPDATE 0340 — Nigel Farage is a Member of Parliament


One of the big questions of the evening has been answered. At the eighth time of trying, Nigel Farage has been elected to the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Read all about it here.


UPDATE 0225 — Reform UK wins first seat


Reform are doing well time and time again with its second places, but now they’ve have their first Member of Parliament elected, former Tory Lee Anderson who defected to Reform earlier this year. Standing for re-election in Ashfield in Nottinghamshire, Anderson took 17,062 votes, well ahead of Labour who took 11,553.


Importantly the Conservatives were beaten into just fourth place on 3,271 votes by a local independent. Humiliating for them.


The question remains just how many Reform MPs the party is going to manage to clinch tonight. Breitbart News understands the Farage camp is very confident about their outcome in Clacton, meaning — if correct — their leader will be going to Westminster next week too. We may be able to expect that result within the hour.





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