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French Communist-Socialist Bloc Victorious After Making Deal With Macron to Stop Populist Le Pen Party, Says Exit Poll


The socialist-communist New Popular Front alliance has come out on top in the final round of snap legislative elections called by French President Emmanuel Macron, who sided with the far-left to thwart Marine Le Pen’s populist party. Listen To Story

UPDATE 2140: Former French President Hollande Rejects Premiership


 Former socialist President François Hollande said he would not be a candidate to become the next prime minister of France. , saying per Le Figaro: “I am not a candidate to lead the government. We are not there… There are too many painful topics in our country at the level of public services and security.”


The former President of the Republic, who served as the head of state prior to Emmanuel Macron from 2012 to 2017, joined the far-left New Popular Front alliance last month and has been sent back to the National Assembly as a socialist deputy (MP).


UPDATE 2040: Far-left Leader Mélenchon Issues Demands to Macron


After winning the most seats of any party in Sunday’s second round legislative elections, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the principal leader of the socialist-communist New Popular Front, has called on President Emmanuel Macron to either resign from office or to “appoint a prime minister from our ranks”. Mélenchon has previously argued for himself to be installed as PM, however, it is not clear if Macron would be willing to do so.


UPDATE 2030: Prime Minister Gabriel Attal Announces Resignation, Le Pen Vows to Fight On


Emmanuel Macron’s second in command, Prime Minister Gabriel Attal announced he would tender his resignation tomorrow morning to the head of state, saying: “This evening, the political group that I represented in this campaign does not have a majority, I will submit my resignation to the President of the Republic tomorrow morning.”


With no party obtaining an absolute majority, it is possible for Attal to be reinstated as PM, however, it is more likely that President Macron will likely have to cede the position to a candidate from the far left if he wishes to form a parliamentary alliance with the New Popular Front to govern the country.


Following the disappointing results, the leader of the populist National Rally in the French parliament, Marine Le Pen said: “I have too much experience to be disappointed by a result where we double the number of our deputies… The tide continues to rise… our victory is only delayed”.


“If there were not this unnatural agreement between Macon and the far left, the National Rally would be in an absolute majority,” she claimed. “The situation is untenable. Will Jean-Luc Mélenchon become prime minister?”


The original story continues below…


According to the initial Ipsos exit poll, the New Popular Front, led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon — often dubbed France’s Bernie Sanders — will win between 172 and 192 seats, the most of any parliamentary group. The far-left did not secure enough votes for an absolute majority of 289.


Meanwhile, President Macron’s coalition is projected to win between 150 and 170 seats, meaning that he will likely have to pair with the far left to continue governing the country.



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