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Great Hair and Teeth Privilege

Written by John (the other John).

We hear in the fake news constantly on a topic called “white privilege”, but a prior article I had written dispelled that theory when it discussed “brown privilege”. But of course “brown privilege” is not the only form of privilege that is acceptable by the lame-stream media and wokesters. This other form of privilege does not recognize skin colour, but it does factor in other forms of colour. Only a small percentage of the global population was blessed to have this form of privilege; this privilege is to have great-colourful hair and pepsodent-white teeth. And our lucky participant who has these God-given gifts is atheist Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Justin was born and raised into a wealthy and prominent family; but despite that, that is not his privilege. (After all, the Trump children would not have that privilege either if they did anything offensive to women or African-Americans). What Trudeau has is “great hair and teeth privilege”. This made its presence known when Trudeau assaulted a female MP on the floor of the Parliament, yet #metoo and other feminist groups did not scream “bloody murder” or “misogyny”. Then came the scandal with the Attorney General and the cover-up; but this too led to no legitimate screams of “resign” from the law and justice crowd.

Then came blackface. It was publicized that Trudeau on at least three occasions wore blackface in public. When asked, Trudeau could not confirm whether it was just three times, or whether it was more. (One of the times was at a black-tie affair, in which the tuxedo-wearing guests just brushed it off because “oh, it’s just Justin”). According to wokesters and “social just us warriors”, wearing blackface is one of the most racist sins a white-person can do. This dehumanizes and degrades and insults black people globally. So when this occurred, Trudeau’s political career was for certain doomed. So what was his punishment? The blackface incident was overlooked by the “lame-stream media”, and the only black U.S. President Barak Obama endorsed the only blackfaced Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudea.

(Would anyone want to see blackfaced Trudeau meeting Obama in a photo-op?). I am in disbelief! But this is evidence that “great hair and teeth privilege” is real, and that job applications and college admissions should give some form of affirmative action to those who lack great hair and teeth (and who lack other forms of dental hygiene). But this also goes to show that the most effective means for a white-dude to be excused for vices that would ruin any other white-dude is to have the kind of luscious full hair that every gal and gay man wants to run their hands thru, and to see their reflection in Trudeau’s bright-white sparkly pepsodent-smile.

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