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“Dirty secrets”: Leftist candidate threatens to expose activists from Fridays for Future

HAMBURG. The leftist candidate for the Mayoral election in Hamburg, criticized for his statement about a "climate holocaust", has threatened the Hamburg "Fridays for Future" group with revelations. "Stick to the truth. If you lie about me, I don't see why, I should keep your dirty secrets to myself,” he wrote on Twitter.

The 18-year-old made suggestions about a pedophile in the ranks of the climate protectionists. If there is no correction to statements about him, he wants to “tell everything. Also to Luisa”. Luisa Neubauer is the German flagship of the "Fridays for Future" movement.

Radtke had written on Facebook on the Holocaust Memorial Day: “The Nazis are also among the greatest climate sinners because their war of extermination and their tanks have produced huge amounts of CO2. Many politicians say that this must not be repeated. But what are they doing about the climate holocaust, which is killing millions of people and animals right now?” Radtke also presents the logo of the “Fridays for Future” movement on his Facebook profile. However, the activists immediately distanced themselves from the leftist candidate.

Radtke: "Green sympathizers" want to push me out
The Hamburg Left Party, for which the student ran for list position 20, asked him to withdraw his candidacy. In addition, advice should be given to exclude parties. Shortly thereafter, Radtke claimed that the proceedings had ceased. The party immediately objected.
Radtke defended his "Climate Holocaust" entry against the world . He claimed to be an anti-fascist. However, he should have explained his intention better. The distancing of the "Fridays for Future" movement goes back to "Green sympathizers" who are at the "central points" of the student movement. They wanted to remove him as a member of the Left Party.

Junge Freiheit

Photo: Twitter.
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