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Hamburg is to get a memorial for sexual diversity

HAMBURG. The Magnus Hirschfeld Center has demanded the erection of a memorial for the victims of sexual discrimination in Hamburg. “In Germany we still have a very strong two-gender norm: there are men, there are women, that is determined at birth and it stays that way. Anyone who deviates from this is somehow a disruptive factor," said the spokeswoman for the advice center for homosexuals, Wiebke Fuchs, to NDR.

The old Elbpark below the Bismarck monument and the “Planten un Blomen” park are among the potential locations in the Hanseatic city. The red-green Senate has already promised funds. In September, the topic should be discussed during a workshop.

Bismarck Monument is targeted
The historian Gottfried Lorenz advocated the establishment of such a memorial site. "We should create a queer monument together, which is clearly visible for the citizens of Hamburg, in order to point out the topic and also to show: We stand behind it, also as a city, in order to create a matter of course."

At the beginning of July, Ulrich Hentschel, the pastor and former director of studies for culture of remembrance at the Evangelical Academy in Hamburg, suggested removing the head of the Bismarck monument in the Hanseatic city. The statue of the first Chancellor was targeted by the "Black Lives Matter" movement and the iconoclasm against monuments from the colonial era.

Source: Junge Freiheit
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