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Study in Germany: Syrians have an average IQ of 90

Recently, a study by psychologist Bruno Klauk, which was published in the journal Wirtschaftspsychologie (Business Psychology), caused a stir. It stated that Syrians have an average IQ of 90. In protest of the controversial result, several editors of the magazine resigned. Klauk was accused of spreading racist theses.

Science is racist and it must be canceled due to the lack of a positive result to boost the idea of diversity and multiculturalism, or the blatant lie that refugees are the cultural enrichment Europe needs.

The average IQ for Germany is 99, but for Syria it is just 83, according to a report by the World Ranking of Countries By Their Average IQ in 2020. So Klauk's results could actually be considered rather generous.

Sources: / World Population Review / Tichys Einblick
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