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Germany: young liberals want to delete “father” and “mother” from family law

BERLIN. The youth organization of the FDP has called for the terms “father” and “mother” in family law to be replaced by “parent”. "Distinctions according to the gender of the parents should no longer be included in the definition," says the proposal that was decided on by the extended federal executive board at the weekend. The Young Liberals also demand the possibility of multiple parenting for up to four people.

The equality policy spokeswoman for the AfD parliamentary group in the Baden-Württemberg state parliament, Carola Wolle, criticized the initiative. “Children are conceived in love by father and mother, brought into the world by mothers and (hopefully) loved and raised by both. This decision is by no means liberal, but nothing more than clumsy ingratiation to a left-green zeitgeist that relies on equalization.

In the summer of 2019, the Federal Family Ministry had already suggested that teachers should pay attention to gender-neutral formulations in forms and also avoid the terms "father" and "mother". In this way, discrimination against same-sex couples could be avoided.

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