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They learned nothing: Cologne's Mayor wants more refugees

Before Chancellor Angela Merkel's consultations with mayors about the situation of refugees in Greece, Cologne mayor Henriette Reker spoke out in favor of accepting additional asylum seekers.

During Cologne's 2015-16 New Year's Eve, more than 2,000 refugees, mostly from North Africa gathered around the Cathedral to throw fireworks at people, steal and sexually abuse women. 1,529 crimes were committed with a total of 1,218 victims involved. 509 sexual offences were reported, among them 22 rapes. Some time later, Ms. Reker advised women to keep distance "at an arm's length" from strangers during the carnival, as if it was women's responsibility to prevent rapists.

"In view of the apparent stalemate in refugee policy at European level, it would be an important humanitarian signal to the other EU partners if the federal government agreed to accept more refugees from the Greek reception camps and implemented this acceptance quickly," Reker told the editorial network Germany ( Tuesday).

You expect a "constructive and result-oriented discussion" with the Chancellor, emphasized Reker. "The cities and municipalities involved in the 'Safe Haven' alliance, including Cologne, have made specific proposals."

The Safe Haven Cities Alliance
For her city, she sees no problem in admission, emphasized the non-party politician: "Even if the Federal Republic of Germany is significantly more willing to accept admission, I can say for Cologne that the application of the current distribution key does not result in excessive demands."

In addition to Cologne, the "Cities of Safe Haven" alliance includes, for example, Berlin, Flensburg and Freiburg. Among other things, it fights for the right of municipalities to decide for themselves about admitting refugees. So far, this right rests with the federal government.

Cities want to help
The Lord Mayor of Freiburg (Breisgau), Martin Horn (independent), confirmed his participation in the video conference with Merkel, to which, according to the Federal Press Office, all city leaders from the circle of "Safe Haven Cities" have been invited for.

He also underlined "that many German cities want to provide concrete help". He and other (mayor) colleagues have already addressed the federal and state governments several times to make this clear.

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