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Berlin: discovery of pipe bombs led investigators to assume a planned series of left-wing extremist attacks

BERLIN. After finding several pipe bombs in a Berlin apartment, the investigators assume a planned series of left-wing extremist attacks. It was obvious that the perpetrator or perpetrators had prepared several attacks, reports the Berliner Tagesspiegel, citing security circles.

The State Criminal Police Office has now formed an investigative group called "Hof". A week ago, an explosive device exploded in an inner courtyard in the Schöneberg district, and another was lying next to it. There were no injuries, the property damage remained low. However, shortly afterwards, the police arrested two men who lived together in an apartment in the house.

In the room of the 29-year-old suspect Gregor D., the officers found nine pipe bombs and chemicals that can be used to build explosives. So far it is unclear why the explosion came about. According to the newspaper, the investigators suspect that the 29-year-old had thrown the two explosive devices out of the window to prevent an explosion in the room. The police are currently evaluating data carriers to find out more about the possible intentions of the men.

Security authorities: Suspects are followers of the autonomous scene
Gregor D. is currently in custody. According to the BZ, he is a teacher. His roommate was released, but he is also under investigation. According to the newspaper, the 27-year-old used to work for the mobile advice center against right-wing extremism, which is financed by the Berlin Senate.

Police are also currently investigating whether the suspects were involved in the detonation of an explosive device on January 20. A passerby suffered minor injuries at the time. The two men are already known to the authorities from 2016, when they were noticed by participating in a demonstration against a Bärgida rally for violating the assembly law. According to Dee Tagesspiegel, security authorities classify the two suspects as followers of the autonomous scene.

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