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Germany: Greens demand more money for international fight against climate crisis

Berlin - "The climate crisis is becoming the central security risk worldwide", wrote the Green politicians Claudia Roth and Anton Hofreiter in a guest article for the news portal T-Online. "It is therefore high time to think about the climate crisis and conflict prevention together." The Bundestag Vice-President and the Greens parliamentary group leader see again an important partner for this, especially in the USA under President Joe Biden.

"In solidarity with the USA, we now have to offer specific support for countries and regions in which the climate crisis has already become a security risk," wrote Roth and Hofreiter. The USA have invited us to a virtual climate summit on April 22nd. "The federal government should use this climate summit to make a concrete offer for more ambitious climate protection and more climate justice among the largest emitters," demanded the Greens.

"The climate crisis is the greatest humanitarian and peace policy challenge of the 21st century."

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