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Justin Trudeau’s guinea pigs respond not so kindly

 And did the readers ever weigh in!



The guinea pigs have weighed in and none is too happy that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is using them as a “human experiment” in order to save political face on the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.


My Sunday column on the Trudeau Liberals’ skipping the manufacturers’ recommendation to give second dose after 21 days, not Trudeau’s four months, certainly rattled the hornet’s nest.


 “It amounts right now to a basically human-population experiment,” admitted Mona Nemer, the Trudeau-appointed Chief Science Advisor to the Government of Canada.


So there you have it. Trudeau, having botched the vaccine supply, is now trying to stretch it out in order to get the first dose in as many arms as possible—even though the second shot within three weeks is vital for beating down the contagion because the first shot will degrade over time and be rendered useless.


He thinks this will somehow make him look good at election time.


This is how an addled narcissist thinks.


And did the readers ever weigh in.


Writes J. West Hardin, “There is nowhere near enough for proper distribution under Trudeau’s intentional incompetence. It’s not only ‘an experiment’ but a category of intentional manslaughter.”


Writes Capt. Bill Everitt, “Trudeau and his cronies botched the vaccine supply right from the beginning 15 months ago.


“He is totally incompetent as our PM and I hope he resigns sooner rather than later, given our useless Opposition parties are not capable of getting rid of him despite his despicable track record and dozens of broken election promises.”


Writes Cicelia Hoke, “And now the clown wants an election so he can shut down the WE investigation and hide all the other nefarious crap the shallow narcissist and his crew have been up to. A shame on all who vote for him.”


Writes Mary Taylor, “I am so angry. I realize that we all want to be vaccinated, but Trudeau failed us. The saying ‘If you can’t do it right the first time, don’t do it all’ comes to mind.”


Writes Robert Doherty, “Doug Ford was right when he said the vaccine roll out is a joke and the blame lies directly with our drama teacher Trudeau. It is imperative that this cult leader be defeated in the next election.”


Writes Sheila Mediena, “Our incompetent, corrupt, federal government and officials are like deer in the headlights. Smiles and assurances from our so-called leaders and bureaucrats’ verge on criminal behaviour.



“Try to get your bosses to recognize the need for you to work at home, isolated, until you have a vaccination or until the pandemic is no more. You are being used as a laboratory experiment. Free yourself.”


Writes Scott Rennie, “The honesty in your articles is so much needed when there are Conrad Blacks out there, trying to become a Shakespeare that no one understands. We all need direct honesty like in your articles.”


Writes Hank Kunda, “Let’s look at at the true criminals.. China, the World Health Organization the CDC, the idiots from the UN, along with our Health Minister Patty Hajdu. Those that are in a role of greater responsibility lied to us, gave us false hope based on the pretense we thought they understood what was going on during the early phase of this pandemic.


“So as far as I am concerned they should have been arrested, charged and tried for crimes against the world.”


Let’s leave it there.



Source: Toronto Sun


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