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Writer Elke Heidenreich against the woke agenda: "A one-legged Chinese deaf-mute with a migration background"

The writer Elke Heidenreich is known for being offensive. There is, for example, her criticism of the gender-neutral language, with which Heidenreich regularly causes outrage among the language guards.

During her appearance on Tuesday at the talkshow "Markus Lanz" she addressed the language of the new Green Youth Leader. She 78-year-old became clear. Sarah-Lee Heinrich uses neither her young age, nor her migration background, nor her gender. Heidenreich ruthlessly accused the Green politician of being unable to articulate herself properly. “She can't speak at all, we just saw. Again, these are children who don't read. This is this generation of which I notice again and again how speechless they are, how unable to deal with words."

"Everyone is always offended immediately"
Heidenreich also did not accept the justification of the original green rock Jürgen Trittin that Heinrich speaks of a "disgusting, white majority society" in Germany because it experiences exclusion every day and because of her appearance is asked where she comes from. It was no problem at all to ask people who looked like Heinrich where she came from.

“And not to discriminate against them! Everyone is always immediately discriminated against and insulted, because I immediately see that she is not from Wanne-Eickel or Wuppertal, but that she has parents who come from elsewhere. And I don't find that a discriminatory question when I have a nice, dark-skinned taxi driver who speaks Cologne perfectly and I say: 'Where are you from?' And he says: 'My parents are from Morocco.' I don't think it's a problem that you ask. Because you can see that. That belongs to us. "

It is wonderful that there are so many people from other countries in Germany who are committed like Heinrich to the Greens. “But that she signed a tweet with 'Heil' at a young age. That just doesn't work. It's not weird at all. You can make all kinds of jokes, and how much rubbish have I talked in my life. As a young girl and also as an older woman. But not 'Heil'. There are certain jokes that are 'off the record', they don't work at all. And that's the case with her too. And I have the feeling that this is a girl who doesn't think enough. "

"The main thing is a migration background. The main thing is quota"
But that has nothing to do with her migration background. “She is the spokesperson for the Green Youth and cannot speak at all. You must first learn to formulate correctly. That makes me skeptical. That they say: the main thing is diverse. Mainly a migration background. The main thing is quota. That is just the wrong way. "

It just doesn't get into her head that nowadays everyone is always insulted and one shouldn't ask anyone anything anymore. Once on the move, Heidenreich railed once again about her favorite annoyance: gender-sensitive language.

“For me, gendering is completely nonsensical. I don't like to say: 'Künstler_innen' [the gender-neutral form of "artist"]. I say artist, and if the work of art is by a woman, it is an artist [Künstlerin]. And if it's from a man, it's an artist [Künstler]. ”She couldn't understand why everyone should always be included.

"Jeez, everyone absolutely wants to be mentioned and noticed in every sentence. A one-legged Chinese deaf-mute with a migrant background - I don't know, so what's next? - who has just converted to Protestantism does not feel addressed when I talk about Protestants in any way. I'll go crazy. So I want us to return to a kind of normalcy. "

Everything had become a bit hysterical and everyone was immediately offended. This leads to such absurdities that older books such as Pipi Longstumpf or Huckleberry Finn are rewritten according to today's standards or the works of a black poet can only be translated into other languages ​​by blacks. But she has the hope that this hysteria will also subside again.

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