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EU brings 40,000 more Afghans - Germany takes over most of them

Brussels - Germany and fourteen other EU member states have agreed in Brussels to take in almost 40,000 Afghan migrants. "I think this is an impressive act of solidarity," several news outlets quoted EU Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johannson on Thursday.

The majority of the immigrants will go to Germany with 25,000. The Netherlands agreed to take in 3,000 Afghans, Spain and France 2,500 each, and several other countries a smaller number.

Austria will not participate in the admission. After a series of sometimes serious acts of violence by immigrants, the Alpine republic had already refused to accept Afghans months ago.

20,000 more migrants from other countries are to follow
According to Johannson, the measures are intended to prevent “irregular immigration” and make immigration more controlled. In the past few months, the EU countries have taken in almost 30,000 people from Afghanistan. In addition to the almost 40,000 Afghans, 20,000 more migrants from other countries are to be accepted in the coming months, Johansson wrote in a letter to the interior ministers of the countries involved, according to the German Press Agency.

After the Taliban came to power this year, Germany flown in thousands of people from Afghanistan. This also came criminals and Islamists to Germany. In November, the previous federal government continued the excursions of Afghans to Germany.

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