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Germany: SPD signals openness to accepting "Belarusian migrants"

The SPD has responded with openness to the demands of the aid organization Pro Asyl to allow illegal immigrants to be admitted to the Belarusian border with Poland before Christmas.

Berlin - "We are working with other European partners at full speed on a humanitarian solution," said Sebastian Hartmann, domestic policy spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group, to Welt. Germany can and will "make its strong contribution". Despite the tense situation, they remain confident that a way will be found with other European partners.

In addition to humanitarianism in the interests of the affected people remaining in the border area, hardship and clarity with regard to the Belarusian ruler Alexander Lukashenko, who caused this emergency, are also required. "Beyond any short-term solution before Christmas, a resilient, pan-European asylum system needs to be restarted. The new traffic light coalition is working on this."

In contrast to the SPD, the coalition partner FDP was reserved. "The continuing dramatic human situation on the Polish-Belarusian border can not leave anyone indifferent," said FDP parliamentary deputy Konstantin Kuhle. "A direct reunification with family members in Germany brings problems with it, however, because the principles of family reunification must not be undermined by a dictator on the EU's external border making false promises to people from the Middle East." The opposition Union argues in a similar way: "Germany must not send a signal that the migratory pressure on the European external borders is further increasing," said parliamentary group vice-president Andrea Lindholz (CSU). "A recording in Germany does not solve the problem."

It is crucial that Belarus provide humanitarian aid to the local people with the support of the UNHCR Refugee Agency and the International Organization for Migration and that they are returned to their home countries. "We expect absolute clarity from the federal government in this situation. It should send a clear signal that the way to Germany is not free. We need order instead of blackmail." AfD parliamentary group leader Alice Weidel accused Pro Asyl of "openly calling for a breach of German and European law". "Poland is acting correctly, not only in its own interest, but also in the interests of Germany and Europe, if it consistently prevents illegal migrants from crossing the border, which in many cases is even supposed to be enforced by force." There is no obligation for the German government to "take in illegal migrants just because they explicitly want to come to Germany". Weidel called it "a gross foul against European solidarity if the federal government stabbed Poland, which is defending the EU's external border on behalf of all Europeans, with an acceptance promise".

The "Belarrusian migrants" as reported by the German media, are actually illegal immigrants from the Middle East. During the past few months the term "migrant" is being used as a generalization for refugees and illegal migrants.

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