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Covid19 evaluation report in Germany: measures were largely ineffective

Berlin - Many measures taken against the spread of the Covid19 virus had little or no effect. This is the conclusion of an evaluation report presented on Thursday by a group of experts commissioned by the federal government. Even the preparation of the report became a political issue, since Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) in particular obstructed the work of the commission.

Drastic restrictions on constitutionally guaranteed freedoms are therefore hardly proportionate to success. The so-called lockdown only showed “a short-term positive effect”. However, the longer this lasted, "the more serious the unintended consequences" in the overall balance. The commission included the “increase in domestic violence”, the “increase in mental illnesses” and “existential hardships”.

Exclusion of the unvaccinated was probably pointless
The eighteen experts are also critical of the 2G and 3G rules, which are intended to keep unvaccinated people out of public life. The protection against infection is only high in the first few weeks after a vaccination or after surviving a Covid19 infection. "However, the protection against infection decreases significantly over time." The provisions, which are also legally controversial, appeared correspondingly medically questionable.

One of the measures criticized is the obligation to wear a mask. This had a much smaller effect than expected. A positive effect can certainly be seen under laboratory conditions. However, "it has not been finally clarified how great the protective effect of masks is in everyday practice". An “ill-fitting and not tight-fitting mask” would suggest a false sense of security.

Report on Covid19 measures should be even more critical
In their evaluation, the health experts came to the conclusion that children and young people are not particularly important for the spread of Covid19. They attribute an “apparently higher incidence of infection” compared to that of adults to “unreasonable testing in schools”. A nationwide school closure was justified with precisely this argument.

As the Bild newspaper reported, the original evaluation report of the Covid19 measures was supposed to be even more critical. In particular, the epidemiologist Klaus Stöhr, who replaced the virologist Christian Drosten on the committee, is harsh on these politically controversial interventions. However, many of the eighteen authors had recommended the measures to politicians themselves in the past.

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