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Report from the German Criminal Police: Violence between Germans and "refugees" is very one-sided

Wiesbaden - When it comes to violence and serious crimes between Germans and immigrants, the numbers are very clear. Locals are almost always the victims. This emerges from the “Federal situation report on crime in the context of immigration 2021” from the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA). It was published 14 days ago, but has hardly received any attention so far.

According to this definition, “immigrants” include asylum seekers and persons entitled to protection as well as those who are in Germany without permission or with a toleration. In the media, this group is usually referred to as "refugees" or "refugees".

Last year there were 40,593 German victims of "crimes against life, crimes against sexual self-determination, crimes against brutality and crimes against personal freedom" committed by immigrants. Conversely, 11,107 immigrants were victims of such a crime in which at least one German was identified as a suspect. In other words: in 78.5 percent of the cases, immigrants are the perpetrators and in 21.5 percent Germans.

Members of Arab clans are also considered “German suspects”.
This is particularly evident in the case of sexual offences: 95.4 percent of all offenses in this perpetrator-victim constellation can be attributed to immigrants. Germans are their victims to the same extent. 2,496 locals were raped by this particular group of foreigners alone in 2021 - that's seven a day.

In the case of murder and manslaughter, "140 Germans fell victim to a crime in which at least one suspected immigrant was involved". 18 people died, writes the BKA. One of these cases was the knife attack by a Somali in Würzburg on June 25, 2021. Three German women were killed.

In the reverse constellation, according to the BKA, “42 immigrants were victims of acts in which at least one German was involved. Of these, three people became victims of an accomplished deed”; so they didn't survive. The ratio of fatalities is 14.3 percent immigrants to 85.7 percent Germans.

In principle, all suspects who also have German citizenship count as Germans in the BKA situation report and in the police crime statistics. According to Berlin's former Interior Senator Andreas Geisel (SPD), three quarters of the members of Arab clans in the capital are German.

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