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Because Rowling is said to be anti-trans: Quidditch is being renamed

Freiburg - The sport of Quidditch is known from the Harry Potter books. The players chase a ball on broomsticks. In the meantime they really exist – without brooms, but with sticks between their legs. But in order to distance itself from the allegedly transphobic "Harry Potter" author Joanne K. Rowling, the International Quidditch Federation wants to rename its sport. In the future it will be called "Quadball". The German member associations support this.

The chairman of the board of the Freiburg club "Bowtruckles", Max Benzinger, told the online portal "If Rowling does not recognize the existence of trans people, then we find it bad. We can't stand behind that." He is happy "if we can rename the sport to 'quadball'". This allows one to distance oneself from Rowling's statements.

Many genders in one team
The avowed leftist Rowling has been attacked by trans activists for years because she insists that only women can menstruate and that there are two genders.

In real-life Quidditch in Germany, borrowed from the Harry Potter books, women, men and allegedly non-binary people play in a team. Only a maximum of three members of one gender may appear in the six-person team. “Every gender is recognized. The Quidditch community is very diverse and has a lot of queer members,” says Benzinger.

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