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Violence by foreigners in Germany: most of perpetrators are Syrians

BERLIN. Foreigners who commit acts of violence in Germany are most often of Syrian origin. Last year, 37.5 percent of all suspected violent criminals were foreigners. Among them, Syrians were most strongly represented with 12.2 percent, as can be seen from the response of the Federal Ministry of the Interior to a request from AfD member of the Bundestag Stephan Brandner, as reported by Junge Freiheit.

In 2009, the number of suspected Syrians was 0.9 percent. The biggest jump was seen in 2015 and 2016, when the number of suspect Syrians increased from 3.6 to 9.8 percent.

Syrian suspects in killings increased tenfold since 2010
At twelve percent, Turks were the second most popular suspect in 2019. In 2009, their proportion among foreign suspects was 34.1. Afghans were the third most frequently accused of violent crime in 2019, at 7.5 percent. The jump from 2015 to 2016 is the greatest for them too, increasing from 3.0 to 6.5 percent.

In homicides, Turks, Syrians and Afghans also took the top three places among the non-German suspects. However, the number of Turkish suspects has steadily decreased since 2013. The proportion of Syrians, however, has increased tenfold since 2010.

Syrians are most commonly suspected of sex crimes
The share of Syrian suspects was highest in the past year with 12.4 percent in sex crimes. This means that the number has roughly tripled since 2015. Turks were the two most frequently accused of such crimes. Afghans followed. Their share has more than doubled since 2015.

The Federal Ministry of the Interior explained the numbers with differences in the social structure. According to this, foreigners are “on average younger and more often male” compared to the German population. They lived more in large cities and belonged to a larger proportion of the lower income and educational classes. In addition, they are more often unemployed. An actual comparison of the crime rate of Germans and foreigners is not possible due to various factors.

Brandner accuses the federal government of denying reality
Brandner called the reason "ridiculous and embarrassing". In the violent crime listed, 31.7 percent of the non-German suspects came from the three Muslim countries alone.

"The fact that the federal government wants to gloss over the numbers with crude excuses is tantamount to a denial of reality," he said. "Merkel and her supporters by no means brought skilled workers into the country in the wake of the asylum crisis, but many thousands of violent criminals", criticized the AfD politician.

Over the past few years, acts of violence by Syrians have repeatedly caused outrage. In October 2019, for example, a man known to the police rammed eight vehicles with a stolen truck, injuring several people. A 20-year-old Syrian who came to Germany as a refugee in 2015 recently stabbed a holidaymaker in downtown Dresden and injured his partner.

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