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Germany: The knife attack on ICE train was apparently motivated by Islamists

Propaganda videos by the terrorist organization Islamic State (ISIS) were found on Abdelrahman A., who seriously injured three men on an ICE train. This was announced by the Munich Public Prosecutor's Office on Tuesday afternoon, as reported by In addition, content on the 27-year-old Syrian's Facebook account points in this direction.

At the press conference shortly after the crime, investigators reported that the suspect had uttered the following sentence when he was arrested: "I am sick and need help!" The rapid attribution of mental illness had been criticized by many.

A detailed and concluding report should finally assess whether the accused was at the time of the offense or not at all guilty. The Bavarian Central Agency for Combating Extremism and Terrorism (ZET) took over the investigation. This always happens when an extremist or terrorist motive is considered.

According to, the perpetrator is still in psychiatry despite the latest findings.

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