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Karlsruhe declares Merkel's statements on the Thuringian elections in 2020 unconstitutional

The controversial statements by the then Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) on the prime ministerial election in Thuringia in 2020 were unconstitutional.

Karlsruhe - The Federal Constitutional Court decided on Wednesday. As a member of the government, Merkel violated "the integrity of the free and open process of decision-making from the people to the state organs," said the presiding judge Doris König as a reason. The AfD had sued the Chancellor because, in the party's opinion, Merkel's statement violated her duty to be neutral in the political battle of opinions and thus violated the right to equal opportunities.

Merkel had condemned the election of the FDP politician Thomas Kemmerich as Prime Minister and during a state visit to South Africa demanded that "the result must be reversed". Kemmerich was elected Prime Minister by a majority of CDU and AfD votes. The joint vote with the AfD was seen within the CDU as a taboo break.

Kemmerich resigned shortly after the election. Since then, Thuringia has been governed by a minority government made up of leftists, SPD and Greens.

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