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Germany: WDR moderator calls for hatred and radicalization against the CDU

Incredible scenes: In a video, WDR presenter Jean-Philippe Kindler infuriatedly calls for hatred of the CDU, which he wants to fight massively. He demands "radicalization against this shitty party" and says: "The CDU is our enemy." The public broadcaster apparently has no problem with that.

The WDR moderator Jean-Philippe Kindler called for "baiting" against the CDU in a video on Instagram. The background is apparently the debate about the New Year's Eve riots in Berlin. The Union had demanded harsh consequences for the mostly foreign perpetrators of violence.

Above: "Jean-Phillipe Kindler (WDR) declares the CDU an enemy and calls for "radicalism against the shit party" because party politicians criticized the failed migration policy after the New Year's Eve riots."

Kindler then explained on his Instagram channel: "Let's put it bluntly: the CDU is our enemy." He wanted "radicalization against this shitty party," emphasized the employee of the public broadcaster. "This is hustle. I want to call for that. I honestly mean that. Completely without irony. I want to call for that.”

WDR employee: Anyone who is not a universalist should be fought
It cannot be that "Germans" are allowed to express their "fascist fantasies" unchallenged, he said, referring to the debate on the New Year's Eve riots in Berlin, during which firefighters and police officers were massively attacked. Anyone who opposes the “universalist idea” is “to be combated in the most radical way as a political enemy”.

When asked by Junge Freiheit, WDR said: "He published the video in question as a private person, it is a personal expression of opinion and is not a statement by WDR." When asked whether there should be any consequences, the broadcaster did not answer. Kindler appears regularly in the WDR program "Comedy and Satire". In addition, since June 2021 he has had his first radio talk show called “Kindler – der Talk”.

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